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Monday, January 10, 2011


Freeman's barber shop- 'Taffy ribbons of heated shaving cream are dispensed from chrome machines no longer in production, and the handles of the manager’s razors are made from 10,000-year-old wooly-mammoth tusks, crafted by accessories designer Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Faces are shaved twice, first with the grain, then against it. Hot towels soothe the skin beforehand, and cold towels tighten pores at the end (if a barber nicknamed "Shorty" is shaving, towels will be spun in a sort of rodeo trick before landing on the face). Service is conducted on a walk-in basis, and weekends are busy with scruffy clients seeking the "Hangover Relief"—a rose-water-and-eucalyptus-infused shave with a neck and hand massage. ' NY mag

They also have a made in nyc clothing store called Freeman's Sporting Club and a restaurant called Freeman's, where the menu looks amazing.  Can't wait to have a taste

photos from the Freeman websites.

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